Richemont Asia Pacific Limited – Van Cleef & Arpels

Jenny Poon

Training Manager

“We are happy to be able to collaborate with Tiptop, Clement facilitated the course seamlessly. It was a full day workshop and we did not find a dull moment in the session. Clement was 100% focused to make the learning journey for our teams absolutely fun filled and interesting. Our employees who participated in the session were full of energy and enjoyed learning new “leadership skills & tools” to be more effective in their processes in their current role.
We are delighted that our teamwork & collaboration with Tiptop added value to our employees learning journey, thanks Tiptop again for partnering so well with us.”

Genpact Foshan

Ms Madhurima Samajpati (Mandy)

Training Manager

“We are happy to be able to collaborate with Tiptop, Clement facilitated the course seamlessly. It was a full day workshop and we did not find a dull moment in the session. Clement was 100% focused to make the learning journey for our teams absolutely fun filled and interesting. Our employees who participated in the session were full of energy and enjoyed learning new “leadership skills & tools” to be more effective in their processes in their current role.
We are delighted that our teamwork & collaboration with Tiptop added value to our employees learning journey, thanks Tiptop again for partnering so well with us.”

Parfums Christian Dior Hong Kong Ltd.

Miss Anita Leung

Training Manager

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for all of your staff to provide a quality Mystery Shopper Programme for our company. Beatrice and her teammates are so professional and provide valuable recommendations on audit form design, analysis report, and logistics arrangement. We feel very comfortable working with you all and appreciate your devotion to our project”.

Social Welfare Department – Departmental Hotline Service




Dah Sing Bank, Limited

Ms. Charmaine Lo

Head of Branches

“At Dah Sing Bank two of our main corporate guiding principles and values, have always been Customer Commitment and Compliance. To keep us on our toes, we have been inviting Tiptop to carry out mystery shopper assessments on both our Financial Services and Counter Services since 2009. Tiptop has also been providing ongoing professional advice on compliance and service quality issues for us. We are delighted to work with such a professional team and look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.”

Christian Family Service Centre

Mr. Kwok Lit Tung


“Grace is a wonderful speaker whose lively speech in the seminars had brought us good insights into the current trend of requirements for professional customer service.”
“Ricky has been our important partner throughout the whole project. He demonstrated much patience in identifying our needs and customized the training contents for our staff accordingly. He also availed his team to provide professional support for us in the project of designing customer satisfaction survey, formulating key performance indicators, drafting customer service guidelines, and so on. His extra effort and strong commitment in the project have never been comparable.”

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Miss Cathy Yau

Assistant Manager – Visitor Services

``I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude for Grace’s professional input throughout the Service Excellence Program. Feedback received from our colleagues is encouraging, especially from our Executives.``

Inchcape Hong Kong Group – Crown Motors Ltd.

Ms. Phoebe Yu

Human Resource Manager

“Grace is experienced in workshop delivery and able to attract the participants’ attention. Moreover, her sense of humor makes the atmosphere more relaxing and engaged. The overall program ran smooth and good comments were received because of Grace’s excellent delivery.”

Liuligongfang Hong Kong Company Limited

Ms. Boffe Lee

Regional Manager – Hong Kong

“We've been appointed Tiptop to be our training consultant in several consecutive years and found it's programs are effective and comprehensive. The whole team were enjoyed and benefited from the programs very much especially with Ricky's professionalism. Big thanks to Ricky!”

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (Hong Kong) Limited

Mr. Sunny Lai

Expert Sales & Marketing Lead

``Ricky and Tip-top team has delivered such great work for our Annual Conference!``

Parfums Christian Dior Hong Kong Ltd.

Miss Anita Leung

Training Manager

“Grace has helped us design and conduct field coaching system which is very useful and has inspired our shop supervisors to adopt more systematic approaches in managing shop and service. ”

Rabobank International

Mr. Coen van der Lubbe

Regional Chief Operations Officer

“It is important for us to operate as a team to ensure that we deliver together the best possible service to our clients. It was great to see that on a free Saturday so many of us took part in a perfectly organised team building event. The positive spirit and engagement but also the big laughs were a wonderful demonstration of good teamwork while by executing the ‘missions’ we also learned that we can even do better if we communicate more and have an open mind set. The ‘final’, building the bridge all together was for me the highlight of the event.”

SEB Asia Ltd

Ms. Cara Leung

Training & Development Manager

“I must take this opportunity to thank Tiptop Consultant for delivering the 2-day training to us. Without doubt, Johnny has done a great job and I am sure it was one of the best training we have ever had! He is very professional and competent as a trainer. He had a very good manipulation on the learning atmosphere, and integrated our SEB features into the examples. Our participants were all very satisfied with the training.”

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Ltd.

Mr. Alfred So

Executive Director

``Quality alone cannot satisfy customers. They need good service as well. In this respect, I have much to learn from Raymond. Not only are his lectures always inspiring, the way he handles his clients vividly exemplify what great customer service should be like.``

The Body Shop (Hong Kong & Macau)

Ms. Peggy Cheng

Training Manager

“Tiptop Mystery Shopper Survey is concrete, detailed and exhaustive; we can make use of the survey results to develop a training programme and reward frontline staff with outstanding performances. From the preparatory stage to the production of the assessment, Tiptop is able to fully exemplify its spirit of professionalism.”

adidas Hong Kong Limited

Ms. Karen Hung

Retail Training Manager

“Customer Focused is one of our missions as being a global leader in the sporting goods industry. We strive to improve our products and services, which excel our consumer expectations and provide them with the highest value. We appreciated Tiptop as our business partner in supporting us to execute mystery shopper assessment for the “Star Service Program” and providing their professional solutions which align with our service standard``

Hong Yip Holdings Ltd.

Mr. Alkin Kwong

Vice Chairmain and Chief Executive

“Striving for service excellence is always our prime mission. Raymond and his team members of Tiptop are our proficient working partners and he is also highly regarded as a brilliant training consultant equipping with distinctive flair and resourceful talent. Thanks to their expertise and support associating with our endeavour and strengths, Hong Yip has achieved exceptional results in quality, winning multiple industry awards and wide recognition from professional groups. We will continue our co-operation with Tiptop for making a further success towards service excellence.”

Circle K Convenience Stores (HK) Ltd.

Mr. Richard Yeung

Chief Executive Officer

“Raymond and his team have done a great job in helping us implement a world class Service Excellence Programme at Circle K Hong Kong. Thanks to their outstanding training, advice, and on-going coaching, we are continuously improving our services and are on target to becoming one of the best service organizations in our industry.”

Esprit Retail (HK) Ltd.

Mr. Michael Ying

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

``Raymond and his Tiptop team have helped upgrade our service quality tremendously. Our staff are especially impressed by Raymond's practical and motivational approach.``

Hongkong Post

Mr. P C Luk

Former Postmaster General

``Raymond and his colleagues at Tiptop Consultants Ltd. have helped Hongkong Post develop a ‘Hongkong Post Way’ of doing things which will lead us towards true Win-Win outcomes with our colleagues and our customers. I would like to thank Raymond and his colleagues for their enthusiasm in developing this vital customer service culture with us.``

adidas Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Karen Hung

Retail Training Manager

“Tiptop Consultant Ltd. endeavors to provide excellent service to their customers. Our recent project with Tiptop is remarkable and adidas Hong Kong Retail team is so proud to announce that we just won the service video global competition across the world. Working with the professional crew led by Tiptop Project Management team is awesome. We would like to take this opportunity to specially thank for Stella, Percy and Quinn from Tiptop for their professionalism and creativity.“

Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Ms. Balbina Wong


“Mr. Raymond Tsang and his top notch consultants have established for our team the irrepressible zeal for service improvement. Believing that HAPPY STAFF BRING HAPPY CUSTOMERS, Raymond has helped us to sustain a workforce that enjoys personalised service with an insatiable passion.”

Neo Derm (HK) Ltd

Ms. Yvonne Tang

Retail Training Manager

“Tiptop’s training is really inspiring and interesting to every one of us. We appreciate Tiptop’s help and look forward to co-operating continuously in the future. Thank you very much.”

Oriental Watch Holdings Limited

Ms. Galy Yip

Group Human Resources and Administration Manager

“Oriental Watch Holdings Limited strives to provide excellent service to every customer by upgrading the service quality. Since 2008, we have invited Tiptop Consultants Ltd. to implement a continuous mystery shopper programme. It isn’t limited to provide us information about the service level of our frontline staff, but the updated market practice as well. Thanks to Tiptop’s detailed report, client-oriented support and practical training courses, this programme helps us to enhance our service level and formulate reward system to recognize our frontline staff more properly.
We are glad to work with Tiptop, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Fidelity Investments Management (H.K.) Ltd.

Mr. Bruno Lee

Director – Direct Retail Business

``Tiptop has played an important role in helping us to develop and implement our Global Sales and Service Quality training in Hong Kong. We were impressed by their professionalism and enthusiasm. In preparing for the rollout of the project, Raymond and his team spent tremendous time and effort to understand our clients’ needs, our business goals, and our operating environment. The training was lively. It was accompanied by interactive role-playing with immediate playback, for feedback and discussion. We also benefited from their on-site coaching in helping our staff to put theory into practice. I think they have done an excellent job.``

Tao Heung Group Limited

Mr. Chung Wai Ping

Chief Executive Officer

“Beginning from late 1997, we have invited Tiptop Consultants to customize the “Service Excellence Programme” for all levels of our staff. Now, they are not only our professional consultants, but also are our best partners in helping us to implement outstanding customer service in our industry.”

Tao Heung Group Limited

Ms. Iva Au

Training & Development Senior Manager

“Tiptop Consultants Ltd. created a video for Tao Heung that was vivid and interesting. The filming and editing fitted in well with the subject matter and the film was thus able to capture the full attention and sympathy of the audience. We particularly like how Tiptop Consultants Ltd. performs close follow-up work, maintains its professionalism and creative mind.”

Yoshinoya Fast Food (Hong Kong) Limited

Ms April Ying

Operations Manager


The Peninsula Hotel

Mr. Carlos Souza

Director of Sales

``Raymond Tsang and his Tiptop team contributed great professionalism and positive attitude to our working partnership. Raymond is a profound speaker, a motivational presenter and a very professional consultant. He is creative and down to earth.``

Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau

Mr. Paul Leung

Executive Consultant

``One of the nicest blends of theory and practice that I’ve seen. The seminar on ‘Customer Service’, the first of its kind in Kiang Wu Hospital, sets the stage for excellence in patient-centered care. The consultants of Tiptop take the theoretical positions of social psychology and translate them into practical advice. Emphasizing the transactional view of helping interventions, the seminar highlights such critical topics as attaining and maintaining partnership with clients and most importantly making needed change. The audience comes away from the seminar feeling good deal better in fostering mutual relationship as an integral part of patient-centered care.”

McDonald’s Restaurants (HK) Ltd.

Ms. Susanna Li

Director – Human Resources & Training

“Working with an outside training consultant the first time, I found Raymond and his team shared the same value system with McDonald’s. They are professional, responsible and had strong passion in people development. The service training workshop was very successful and all our staff are motivated to strive on the new business challenge. On behalf of McDonald’s, I would like to send my deepest appreciation for TipTop’s dedicated team, their teamwork and dedication give me the confidence to continue our partnership in future.”


Ms. Winnie Chow

Human Resources Manager

``On behalf of Parknshop, I would like to send my heartfelt appreciation to Raymond and Tiptop's dedicated team for facilitating a successful and well-received conference for Parknshop. I am also anxious to congratulate Raymond on his team's dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the tremendous time pressure and the frustration of last minute changes, Tiptop's members all tried their very best to fulfill our needs without any hesitation.``

The Excelsior, Hong Kong

Mr. Peter J H Lowe

General Manager

``Raymond and his team came, saw & conquered the service challenges facing our business of delighting people each and every day. His company’s dedication to detail and passion to succeed have positively influenced our management team and front-line staff. Tiptop Consultants Ltd. is second to none!``

Midland Realty (Holdings) Ltd.

Ms. Kitty Ip

Executive Director

``Mr. Raymond Tsang is a charming and inspiring speaker. During the tailor-made training program, ``Service Excellence in Midland Realty``, we all acquired insights on how to provide professional consultancy service to our customers with empathy. Raymond contributed much in leading us to successfully create a new era of quality service in the real estate agency industry.``

Zuellig Pharma Ltd.

Ms. Joanna Chan

General Sales Manager

``There are numerous consultancy firms offering ``Professional Training`` in our marketplace. However, Raymond and his consultants are definitely qualified to be ``Professional Trainers`` who are able to diagnose our pitfalls and facilitate our team with concepts and skills to turnaround our pitfalls into success.``

American Int’l Assurance Co. (Bermuda) Ltd.

Mr. Jim Jan Zen

Assistant Vice President, Agency Training Department

“Service Excellence starts with excellent service training. It is an undeniable fact that Mr. Raymond Tsang is the expert of experts in service training. He is a service mentor who inspires, motivates and coaches our agency and staff to continuously upgrade insurance services to Hong Kong people in close collaboration with one another.”

AXA China Region Insurance Co. Ltd.

Mr. Mark Pearson

Chief Executive Officer–HK

``It is always inspiring to watch quality organizations grow and prosper. The business success of Raymond Tsang and Tiptop Consultants is indeed a lesson to others – organizations that have a passion for excellence and a commitment to help their customers will thrive! I unconditionally recommend Raymond to anybody who wants to motivate their staff to succeed.``

Chickeeduck Distribution Ltd.

Mr. Herbert Chow

Chief Executive Officer

”Impressive customer service” and “knowledge of customers’ needs” are our definitions of victory. We partner with Tiptop to pursue these goals because they, too, believe in the same definitions of victory.

Hang Seng Bank Ltd.

Mr. W K Mok

Director and General Manager

``Mr. Raymond Tsang is a very inspiring speaker. His pragmatic and hands-on presentations have provided our staff with piercing insight on service excellence. Most importantly, his motivating speeches have instilled into our staff a positive mind-set to provide extraordinary service to our customers.``

Hong Kong Housing Society

Mr. Victor So

Executive Director

“We deeply appreciate Raymond’s expertise and his help in conducting two training programmes for our staff on Customer Service and Quality. With his lively and inspirational presentations, I believe important service concepts and the essence of teamwork in a service organization have been well received by our staff.”

Hospital Authority

Ms. Joyce Leung

Coordinator (Staff & Organization Development)

``Providing quality patient-centered care through developing staff competencies is our training direction. Raymond’s expertise and ability to apply service excellence to healthcare settings is remarkable. He has helped develop a program on “Building Better Partnership” to facilitate our colleagues to manage complaints in the process of care. Compliment is also given to the support teams. They have been professional and a role model of service excellence.``

Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Lam Cho-yee

Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology – Consultant

``I knew Raymond from the courses he conducted for Hospital Authority. Externally he appealed to me like an indicator solution used to test body fluids, able to give specialists the measure with colour changes. I understand this ability comes with the substance inside his heart, body and soul. Like doctors, he listens to our hearts, finds out our queries, and displays workable treatment options for our decision. I met no people with such a distinct character like him. I wish to congratulate Raymond on his complete success in conducting this course and sincerely hope that he will join us for future courses.``

Tuen Mun Hospital Hospital Authority

Dr. M Y Cheng

Hospital Chief Executive

``Mr. Raymond Tsang, a renowned expert on managerial and customer service excellence, shows you how to create, develop, and sustain an effective program for achieving service and management excellence, and then share that achieved culture consistently and efficiently throughout your organization. Mr. Tsang’s professionalism, enthusiasm, eloquence and great personal charm makes him a very popular consultant and an effective change agent.``

Just Gold Co. Ltd.

Mr. Ian Ng

Managing Director

``Mr. Raymond Tsang is the best in town providing professional advice on retailing technique.``

Kai Shing Management Services Ltd

Mr. Jimmy Wong

Managing Director

``In service industries like Property and Facility Management, service excellence is the ultimate goal we are striving for. Mr. Raymond Tsang is not only an inspiring tutor, he also helps us to formulate strategies in achieving the goal.``

Leisure and Cultural Services (Culture)

Ms. Choi Suk Kuen

Ex-Deputy Director

“We really appreciate Raymond’s inspiring advice and enthusiasm for service excellence. The professional services rendered by Raymond and his dedicated team have helped foster a customer-oriented culture among the staff of the Hong Kong Public Libraries, in particular, the Hong Kong Central Library which has been commended for its good customer service since its opening in May 2001.”

MassMutual Asia Ltd.

Mr. Elroy Chan

Managing Director & Chief Executive

``For us, Excellence in Service is the key to business success. Mr. Raymond Tsang’s work has been a major factor in encouraging this mind-set among our staff. As far as we are concerned, he is ``the best`` motivational consultant in Asia.``

The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Ltd.

Mr. Peter Pang

Chief Executive Officer

“Raymond is an exceptionally gifted consultant who has a very perceptive understanding of what Management wants from staff and the ability to engineer the behavioural change through well researched materials and, more importantly, his very persuasive presentation. It was a thoroughtly rewarding and enjoyable experience working Raymond and his team.”
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