Mystery Shopper

Tiptop mystery shopper service audit provides an objective view on service experience, helping you find the gain points and pain points of your customers.

Mystery shopper service audit provides insight on:

Customers not satisfied but don’t know why?

Pinpoint the pain points of your customers, reducing complaints and negative comments online

Inconsistency in service delivery?

Measure service delivery, check consistency, and identify room for improvement for your brand

Not seeing the “real” service when you visit your stores?

Provides an objective view on service delivery and helps you reveal the blind spots

Difficult to find training focus and needs?

Gather service cases and identify opportunities for growth and development

Don’t know which store has good service, or why?

Tells you whose work to recognise and how they did well in service

Store managers lost their grasp in service quality?

Regular reports inform store managers their strengths and weaknesses in service, and areas they should do better next time

Why Tiptop?

  • More than 300 shoppers with diverse background

  • Shopper Training that trains shoppers to observe all the service checkpoints that counts

  • Rigorous Quality Control mechanisms that ensure every checkpoint is covered with accuracy

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