Corporate Training

Corporate training that emphasis both practicality and enjoyment

Service Management

  • Understanding Customer Experience Management
  • The“A.B.C.”of Service Management
  • Handling Customer Complaints

Sales Management

  • 7-step Selling
  • Story-selling
  • Analysing sales data and managing targets

The essentials skills of managers

  • Secret weapons for leading teams
  • Positive Thinking and Team Influence
  • Effective Coaching
  • Investigating and Solving Problems

Excelling in the workplace

  • Understanding self and teams by MBTI
  • Manage your time and achieve your targets
  • Interpersonal skills and communication
  • Public speaking and presentations

Why Tiptop?

  • Learn to A.S.K. : Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge enhancement in training

  • Edutainment: Effective learning that combines education and entertainment

  • Practicality: Case Study, Role play, and skill drill that enhance application in the workplace

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